11th Annual International Conference AutoInvest®2017

International Conference on Investment Attraction to Automotive Component Industry AutoInvest®2017 was held for the 11th time in 2017.

The aim of the conference was to form a professional platform to discuss actual directions of the automotive industry development and work out practical decisions to create a competitive sector.

Top managers of leading OEMs and automotive components manufacturers, bodies of federal and regional public authorities, consulting and development companies, finance and investment organizations, representatives of scientific research institutes, executives of automotive industry specific unions and associations from the regions of Russia and foreign countries participate annually in the AutoInvest® Conference.

Conference objectives:

  1. To discuss necessary state support measurers for the automotive industry.
  2. To consider various ways of the Russian automotive products export development, actual problems and steps to solve them.To analyze the opportunities to use alternative fuels and innovative solutions for economic and ecologic efficiency of the Russian automotive industry.
  3. To evaluate investment attractiveness of the regions and ensure opportunities to increase it, enlarge localization and develop the automotive components manufacturing.To work out the ways to improve profitability and investment attractiveness of the Russian automotive sector.
  4. To consolidate business and authorities efforts in current economic situation.To strengthen and expand business cooperation in the automotive industry.

AutoInvest®2017 business agenda was focused on four key issues:

  1. Development of the automotive export form Russia and exit to new markets. Export enlargement and improving are nowadays among the high-priority strategies of the automotive sector enhancement. Passenger cars were supplied to Lebanon, Serbia, Slovakia, Finland and Iran during two previous years, supply to Estonia was renewed as well. However the CIS countries, especially Kazakhstan and Belorussia, are acknowledged as the leading Russian export markets at this moment. It is of high importance to continue international cooperation development to expand export and to establish mutually beneficial relations.
  2. Use of alternative fuels. Worldwide experience proves that alternative fuels usage is the future of the automotive industry. According to this fact, natural gas motor vehicles introduction and opportunities to use electric cars are supposed to be highly important directions of renovation and promotion of the automotive sector. Moreover, the experts consider the use of unmanned vehicles as highly prospective. Development of these directions will provide opportunities to improve competitive positions of the Russian OEMs in the inner and world markets.
  3. Cluster development of the automotive sector. Under the terms of falling ruble and increase of imported automotive components cost, manufacturers expect the growth of the produced in Russia automotive parts application. Mechanism of special economic zones significantly assists manufacturers to improve localization – an important task for the automotive sector as well.
  4. Sales strategies and automotive service technologies. Besides the export oriented manufacture development it is necessary to pay special attention to the marketing strategies of the OEMs, logistics and after sale automotive service in the inner market.

The business programme of the AutoInvest®2017 Conference is dedicated to the best experience in the export direction development of the automotive companies, potential of the Russian automotive components manufacturing and prospects to develop NGV vehicles and electric cars.

The AutoInvest®2017 Conference was held for the first time on the one platform with Automechanika St. Petersburg Exhibition and Saint Petersburg Technical Fair in 2017. The Conference was traditionally supported by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation and the Government of Saint Petersburg. Strategic partner of the Conference was NAMI.

We invite you to participate in the AutoInvest®2018 Conference and become an integral part of the most important event in the automotive industry.